Waltergeist Screen Shot

Some of my favorite people are opening an awesome show at Siren Theater next week, and I’m thrilled to be composing the music! The show will run most Fridays and Saturdays from October 5th through November 3rd. Tickets are on sale now at Stranger Tickets.

My idea is to create orchestral compositions with an 1980s horror vibe and then sample them as multitrack loops. During each one-hour performance I’ll perform the signature melodies on theremin and synth, while triggering and mixing loops with an additional keyboard. Here’s what my setup looks like so far:

Photos: The small keyboard at lower left triggers my compositional loops as I perform the melodies on the larger keyboard and Theremini on top. The mixing board in the middle will be used to control the volume of strings, synth, percussion and brass streaming from the 2009 Mac Pro (righthand photo). The loops are multitrack, so they play as four discrete audio tracks through the DIGI 003 Rack which is pictured alongside the Mac Pro. For example, string sounds such as violin and cello will be separated from percussion, brass, and synth sounds giving me live mix control.

Here’s a sample of my compositions so far:

er_perkinsI’m super excited about this show because the cast is amazing, and the director is none other than the multitalented E.R. Perkins (right), who has made the discovery and presentation of paranormal stories central to his life’s work. You should check out Perkins’ upcoming show too!