Pirates of Scamalot

Pirates of Scamalot takes place in the enchanted pirate kingdom of Scamalot where Scabby the pirate searches for pleasure, the mysterious brothers Otis Rex and Skreebeard continue their epic struggle for the throne, and mischievous Captain Jennifer disappears just as her ship prepares to make sail.


This sixth and newest Hucklescary Finn (Kevin Hendrickson & Matt Giger) release, a collection of both upbeat and nefarious pop from a pirate’s perspective echoes the early days of Pirate Jenny or Captain Bogg & Salty (both bands have covered Hucklescary Finn songs), and ranges from gentle acoustic ballads, to metal-tinged guitar riffs in the vein of Sabbath, to xylophone and accordion ska grooves.

Drummer Matt Giger & songwriter Kevin Hendrickson have written and recorded together under the alias Huckelescary Finn since 1992. Their songs have been predominantly pirate-themed. Kevin also is a member of pirate core bandsCaptain Bogg & Salty and Pirate Jenny.

Listen to all of the songs from Pirates of Scamalot at CDBaby.com. The songs also will be available on Itunes in a few months.

WARNING: Hardcore Hucklescary Fans only beyond this point
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