Pirates of Scamalot lyrics

Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold

By Hucklescary Finn
Heave Ho Away We Go, Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold
Heave Ho Away We Go, Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold
Long-time sailing in a pirate band, barely recall the smell of land
or the words to a song that’s not about hearty buccaneers with hearts of doubt
Scamalot a mecca for pirate tunes rising up again from the ruins
gonna be a battle for the pirate crown—Hucklescary Finn is the captain now
Gotta keep sailin’ til I find my home, hopin’ that I never end up alone
just a shy buccaneer with a heart of gold, peddling a story that never gets old
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Storm The Halls

By Hucklescary Finn
Gonna kick some pirate ass when I get home…
Storm the halls of scamalot kill them all and laugh alot
worry not for this battle turns our way…
Rub it in this victory taste the sin, and misery
did we win? (yes) Then why is my heart so frail?

Now I wear the crown again, and I have magic powers
I’d trade it all to have my brother alive, I swear on his bed of flowers…

Storm the halls of scamalot rubbish tales I once forgot,
now so true, so beautiful to see
take a bow for all we’ve done celebrate this Avalon,
shiny crown mounted firmly to my head. Guitar solo…
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Gruel II — A Pirate’s Christmas at Sea

By Hucklescary Finn
The gruel is on the table and then there’s a knock
Scabby thought he was alone then oh what a shock
It’s Otis and Skreebeard and Perko, they couldn’t let Scabby spend Christmas alone
Down in Scabby’s cabin the hearth is aglow
another round of brandy and the evening flows
at the end of each tale they cheer and they clap, a kitten is curled up in Otis’ lap

Perhaps they’re in for stormy weather, shaking the ship ’til the crew is terrified
but as long as they’re together the clouds will part and the stars are going to shine.

everything is peaceful and they fall asleep fast
the christmas tree is glowing, at the top of the mast
from miles away it’s just a small blip, a beacon for santa to find scabby’s ship
what a jolly yo holly ho christmas it’s gonna be
‘cus the happiest time for a pirate is christmas at sea (repeat)
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Scabby Lay Down Your Sword

By Hucklescary Finn
As you reach that age of clarity you can see behind you so well
you found wishes beyond your wildest dreams, where their should have been a hell
each passing day you’ve felt the weight of every passing thought
perhaps it’s time sheath your sword and unload that musket shot
Scabby lay down your sword
oh scabby it’s time to rhyme a lot, pick a song and jamalot
lay down your sword and manacles, unload that pistol shot..then you
take a stab at poetry, instead of mortal enemies
find that peace you’ve searched for too and fro across the seas…
oh scabby, lay down your sword
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Ghost Ship

By Hucklescary Finn
Who’s steering the ship? x3
I gotta know
There’s a ghost man drivin’ this ship
And he won’t let his fingers off of the wheel
And he makes his own wind as we blow as we blow
He’s got no face just an old hollow glow
Who’s that ghost man drivin’ the ship
Won’t say where we’re goin, won’t say if we’re dead
As we plow the dark waters of a murky coastline
I have to admit that we’re makin’ good time
Who’s steering the ship? x3
Or old blackbeard just crackin’ the whip
There’s a ghost man drivin’ the ship
Sneak up behind very slow very slow
I touch him and he starts to glow, my body’s absorbed and before I know
I’m steerin’ the ship
Oh I’m steerin’ the ship
Feels good behind the wheel now we’re flyin’ oh flyin’
I’m steerin’ the ship
Keep it steady boys
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

I Scamalot

By Hucklescary Finn
I scamalot scama little in the middle of another ice age
I jamalot jama little don’t belittle our guitar and drum rage
hold tightly to my groove
as I lead you through the storm
though you never left
I’ve come to take you home
I scamalot scama little as i whittle in the woods of bamboo
I take a shine to the mind of a riddle yet I know what to do
when we get back we’ll rage
and lock them in the hull
strum that bass guitar
and throw away the skull
I take a shine to the mind of a riddle yet I know what to do
I scamalot will fly
like burning yellow stars
they’ll be covering their eyes
while we tune our guitars
I jamalot jama little don’t belittle our guitar and drum rage
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Scamalot Rising

By Hucklescary Finn
A silly joke that went too far, was never meant to go so far,
now it grows and grows, and I think it’s just bizarre
My granite walls are overgrown another pirate’s on the throne
It’s just unstoppable––another kingdom overthrown
Now time has slowed, and overflowed
spilling over the crusty mold that made the lands
where otis rex and skreebeard stand
It wakes them up and they climb the tower
Hovering high with their magical powers
What’s that speck on the blue, it’s Scabby’s ship—he’s comin’ for you!
Scamalot is rising from the ashes once again
Like an old old friend
Magic rings and pirate screams are swirling in my head
Take the crown again
Scamalot was never gone, it only was unseen
Under velvet green
I’m sending droids in all directions to obtain
What’s the next big thing? Have you see my ring? Have you seen my ring?
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Captain Jennifer

By Hucklescary Finn
In the misty quiet evening there interrupts a breeze
the pirates scurry making there ships prepared for sea
one pirate can’t be found, one pirate can’t be found
perhaps she is out dancing
captain jennifer throw your caution to the breeze
underneath the moonlight and the dark madrona trees
pirate’s all around, furrowing their brows
as you continue dancing…
evenings in the meadow, enchanted cups of tea
who were those lovely shadows beckoning to thee?
pirate’s all around, pirate’s all around
pirate shadows dancing
captain jennifer are you dancing on the lawn
even among pirates you’re scorned as an outlaw
pirate’s run aground, pirates run aground
but never shall they find you.
©2006 Kevin Hendrickson Music

Burial At Sea

By Pirate Jenny
Why are we so temporary? Our bodies they rot and decay. We might be here for an eternity or just day.
The answer lays deep in the waters, there’s a better life waiting down there. Mermaids and mermen are calling, sing back if you dare.
Pickle my bones in the ocean I need to be buried at sea
I want to bunk at the bottom the fish will make short work of me
Under that crazy old ocean, where swimmers and crawlers are king
Life up above in the atmosphere don’t mean a thing
Our bodies are just temporary, we’re zipped up in flesh for a time,
Soon enough we will be dipping our bones in the brine.
Pickle my bones in the ocean I need to be buried at sea
I want to bunk at the bottom the fish will make short work of me
©1994 Kevin Hendrickson Music

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