Portland-based composer Kevin Hendrickson is best known as the originator of Pirate Rock — a mix of metal, pop, and sea-chanties which came to prominence in the mid-90s through his buccaneer-themed bands Pirate Jenny, and Captain Bogg & Salty.

He is a songwriter, producer, musician, orchestrator, arranger, and engineer with a colorful career and long list of credits mostly revolving around the theme of pirates.

“Some people ask me why I write so many songs about pirates. I blame the many trips to Disneyland that I earned by selling Oregon Journal newspaper subscriptions door-to-door when I was 15. I would just keep riding Pirates of the Caribbean over and over…”

A classically trained pianist and vocalist, Kevin is proficient on numerous instruments including keyboards, guitar, bass, and accordion. Kevin customarily adds live instruments and vocals to his scores, as was the case with Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates where banjo, accordion, and lusty sea-faring vocals became musical characters.

In 2009 Kevin began collaborating with Walt Disney on the animated series that was to become the four-season hit, Jake & The Never Land Pirates. After show creator Bobs Gannaway found Captain Bogg & Salty’s music on a web search, Gannaway then introduced the band to Jay Stutler, vice president of music for television animation at Disney. Stutler reached out to the songwriting partners Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins and asked them to write a theme song for the developing show. The song was a success, and the two were then recruited to write and produce all of the show’s music for its four-season run.

In addition to performing the singing voice of the goofy but lovable “Bones,” and composing music for 114 episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Kevin performed as the live-action version of Bones, both on stage and in translated music videos around the world.

During his tenure as Bones — Lead Guitarist and Singer for Disney’s Never Land Pirate Band — Kevin shared the stage with, or opened for numerous stars, including Sharon Osborne, Dan Zanes, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, and China Anne McClaine. His live performances included shows at Disneyland, Disney World, New York’s Central Park, Chicago City of Lights, UpFront, and Disneys premiere fan event D23.

Kevin, along with Jeff Saltzman and Loren Hoskins, produced three Disney Sound Tracks for Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Kevin also contributed to Disney’s Sofia the First as a song producer, and to Disney’s 7-D as a session accordionist on Parry Gripp’s song “Shapeshifter.”

Jake and the Never Land Pirates was nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Animated Program and won the Disney Sanya Awards.

Kevin’s music has been featured in Disney World, California Adventure, Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Sofia the First, 7D, One Animation’s Oddbods, Mongadillo Studios Shawks, Knock First Productions, Feld Entertainment’s Pirate & Princess Adventure, Oregon Children’s Theater, and Bad Reputation Productions, as well as numerous toys, video games, and theme park attractions.

Kevin recently completed scoring 41 episodes of One Animation’s hit series Oddbods which received a 2016 Web TV Asia Award and was nominated for a 2017 and 2019 International Emmy Kids Awards (Nominee).

In 2008 Kevin was appointed music director and arranger for an original musical rendition of Treasure Island, which was commissioned by The Oregon Children’s Theater, and performed and written by Captain Bogg & Salty.

Throughout the 90s, with his band mates Eric Furlong, John Morgan, and Paul Iannotti, Kevin established a genre which would come to be called “pirate rock,” performing the circuit of popular Portland clubs as the buccaneer-themed rock band Pirate Jenny, and later as Captain Bogg & Salty, a band that followed in Pirate Jenny’s footsteps but catered to a wider audience.

Upon its 1996 release, the first of Pirate Jenny’s four albums — Never Sea Land — was dubbed “The Pet Sounds of Pirate Music” by Willamette Week.

Captain Bogg & Salty’s second album Pegleg Tango received the 2009 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award, and was said to “conjure the Monkees, Elvis Presley, and the Beach Boys” by Entertainment Weekly.

Kevin currently leads an original ska band called Postmodern Pirates, and has performed with John Avila (Oingo Boingo), Rob Burger (Tin Hat Trio), Courtney Von Drehle (3 Leg Torso), Chet Lyster (The Eels), and Jeff Saltzman (Sunset Valley).

Kevin’s current Portland bandmates include Thom Sullivan (The Pynacles), Jeff Langston (Antony and the Johnsons), Bruce Withycombe (Ural Thomas and the Paine), and Willie Matheis (The Daddies).

Kevin is represented by BMI, SAG-AFTRA, and Scabbydisc Music (his label and publishing company).